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president of the usa

  1. wayneL

    Kanye for POTUS?

    It appears he has thrown his hat in the ring four years early.
  2. Garpal Gumnut

    President Trump 2020-2024: Economic Implications

    Many may not agree but I believe Trump is a shoe-in to be re-elected President of the USA. I predicted his last victory. He is now running against a disastrous choice by the Democrats as they did last time around. Biden's brain is not up to it. Trump is unlikeable but electable. I predict...
  3. basilio

    Where is/can Donald Trump take US (sic)?

    People, the media, other politicians keep talking of Donald Trump as a trainwreck. An ever cascading litany of outrageous statements, policy proposals, firebrand speeches. But perhaps its really a train ride with The Trump firmly sitting up front as the Republican preferred candidate...
  4. Joe Blow

    U.S. Presidential Election 2012

    With the U.S. elections taking place tomorrow I was surprised to see that there was no thread on the topic. Any predictions or comments?
  5. wayneL

    The Next US President

    Yes we can turns to - errrr, we didn't really do a lot did we. My early mail - Mit Romney. ;) Discuss.... (BTW I reserve the right to back flip, flip flop and generally flub around as often as circumstances dictate :D)