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  1. drasx

    ASX200 components: A.I. predictions of short term trend

    Hi there, I'm going to post here daily, for a few weeks, my AI generated predictions for the ASX200 components. What data is used? Only End-Of-Day trading data is used (Open, High, Low, Close, Volume) What is predicted? The percentage change in the simple-moving-average of the last 5...
  2. Country Lad

    Livewire 2020 Predictions

    Livewire asked a number of fund managers their picks for 2020. Interesting result where the two cheaper ones rose immediately The more expensive ones moved only a little. Admittedly, the charts of the cheaper ones were looking a little more positive but likely the red cordial brigade helped...
  3. Smurf1976

    2019 Predictions

    A thread for 2019 predictions which are either financial events themselves or are other major events reasonably expected to impact financial markets. The intent here is to focus on the "what is actually likely" aspect rather than saying it is wrong or right. My predictions, in no particular...
  4. Tyler Durden

    Looking at predictions in hindsight

    I must admit, I am getting a bit sick of reading about predictions in the newspapers made by certain 'experts' about business, the economy, and finance, where they make headlines for making claims, but seems no one ever bothers to come back to them in time if they were wrong. People just seem to...
  5. piggybank

    2014 - Predictions

    Hi, As most of you are aware it is that time of year when some followers of the market make predictions of various things in the money market e.g. Which country (within the EU) will be next to default. What value will our dollar be against other currencies at the end of this year? etc. Well I...
  6. warennie

    Announcement Predictions all over Aussie Stock Forums?

    Ive noticed a lot of predictions regarding information coming out in the short to medium term future. They often follow this format: "I see good news coming out around 11052011 but some stormy turbulance between 04062011 - 09062011, i'd keep your eyes open" Whats up with this? Its...
  7. M

    Your predictions on approaching bear market

    ok this bull market will not last ! there's going to be corrections, so when do you think the next bear market will be (eg next good time to buy?)