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precious metals

  1. S

    Physical precious metals

    Is anybody here into physical gold, silver and other precious metals (i mean bars, coins etc)
  2. wayneL

    Gold and precious metals as "Money"

    It is often stated that gold is money, gold is the only real money etc etc. Sure I have a few krugs (but not a huge amount) I've accumulated over the years, and I trade gold futs, but I have a few questions regarding this "gold is money" thing, as lots of people are buying physical gold in...
  3. S

    Base Metal and Precious Metal prices

    Hi guys, The ol' PC has decided that it needed a frontal labotamy and so left home. Hence most programs arent working at all. All I need to know is what is a good site for current data on bases and precious. I am not sure if commsec is that up to date, and I have never really had to look...