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  1. K

    18 June - Billions of dollars of buy orders in pre-open

    Is anyone else seeing this? Every company in the ASX200 has millions of dollars worth of buy orders against it. The ratio of the two largest buy orders for every stock I've looked at (around 20-30 stocks) is 2.2586. I estimate these orders, across all stocks, to be between $5-10 billion. What is...
  2. ctur0001

    What is the process of stocks being sold?

    Hi everyone, My question is if before the ASX market opened (pre 10am) there is a surplus of demand on a stock lets say 20 buyers looking to buy 1 volume each (totalling 20 volume) at x price, relative to 10 supply at x price. How will the ten stock be allocated to the 20 buyers when the market...
  3. E

    SPI pre-open auction

    Anyone aware of a change in the pre-open auction procedure on the SPI 200 futures contract? The pre-open auction settlement previously occurred at 9:49:30 but this has disappeared from my IB data feed from the beginning of last week. I have not been able to find any info on the ASX website and...
  4. T

    Pre-open bid/ask data for ASX stocks

    Is there any way to get accurate pre market bid / ask data for ASX stocks? I use eSignal for my data feed, and prior to the open, all ASX stocks show a crossed bid / ask, ie; 50.00 bid, 30.00 ask. A second or so before the open a true bid/ask will appear, then trading starts. Clearly the...
  5. C

    Thread #1,000,000 about the pre-open!

    Hi, I could never understand that. Some times, in the morning, before the market open and I look at the market depth of some companies, there are off market trades at a much higher price. Then, in the BUY columns, the price is much higher and in the SELL column, the price is much lower...