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portfolio rebalancing

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    Broker that has option for automatic rebalancing

    I'm currently with Westpac for all my share trading. I'm looking for a broker that has automatic rebalancing as an option. Could be a cheap online only broker or something more full service. My main thing is I hold a parcel of ETFs and LICs, it would be good to be able to select portfolio...
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    Rebalancing Investment Portfolio

    Hi Guys, 2 years ago a financial advisor helped me setup an investment portfolio using a combination of managed funds and ETF's. So far I have been pretty happy with the performance. However, I am now concerned that the %'s are a bit too heavy in the fixed income class. Current breakdown of...
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    Does Portfolio Rebalancing Work?

    Running my own SMSF and always on the lookout for different ideas to help maximise returns and read an article on re balancing, that is every 3 months or whatever time frame you choose you re balance your portfolio, so say you want 50% shares, 40% bonds and 10% property at the end of each...
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    Tactical asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing software?

    Hi I there any good free piece of software to build and manage my asset portfolio and rebalance it regularly ? Maybe an iPAD app or even an excel spreasheet ?