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    Is there a tool for assessing carbon exposure of stocks and indexes?

    I want an easy tool to assess climate exposure (fossil fuels etc) of the assets (individual stocks and ETFs) in my portfolio. I want to remove as much carbon exposure as I can to remove the risk of ending up with worthless stranded assets in my portfolio. Any ideas where I can easily find this...
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    Position sizing and Portfolio Management for fundamental/value investors

    Like many value investors I have a tendency to use fairly loose and arbitrary position sizing and portfolio management. I have a concentrated portfolio and tend to base my position sizing on: -How risky is the investment? -What is the possible/probable return profile of the investment? -How...
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    Portfolio Management Tool/Service/Application

    Hi all, fairly new to the trading game ... Have just setup my Self Managed Super Fund and now ready to begin investing. Excited to have found this forum ! First silly question as I have spent a few hours looking online and not having much luck. I am after a Portfolio Management...
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    Amibroker Portfolio Management

    Hi, I was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction. I have recently started using Amibroker to help develop and test a trading system, which is proving to be very useful! However I am correct in thinking that its not very good at actually managing a portfolio, or am I over...
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    Incorporating market risk into portfolio management

    I have had difficulty understanding how to incorporate market risk management into my CFD strategy. I have naturally held more shorts and sold off my long positions (swing trading) as the market goes up and bought more as it goes down. This has worked very well for me but only because of the...
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    Portfolio Management

    Hey guys how are you ? I have joined this forum today and i want to know that portfolio management is how much valuable for investing in stocks market. Thanks
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    Real Time Portfolio Management Program?

    Hi all I am new to equity trading and I have been looking (for days seriously) for a Real Time Portfolio Management Program. I dont want anything complex (charts, technical analysis etc etc etc). I have found many suitable programs that track my share buys / sells / dividends / Profit and...