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portfolio management software

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    Portfolio management software from

    Hi all, This is my first post - I am not in the market yet, but I am currently getting myself educated so I am ready to invest. I am uncovering topic after topic ( seems to be a never ending road!), and from the research I have conducted so far it seems like you really have to know what you...
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    Share tracking software

    Hi. Id like to find out what the best software is for keeping track of your portfolio. I want something that will keep track of all trades and look up and update prices. It would also be good if it could keep track of dividends as well as differentiate between trades held longer than a year...
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    Portfolio Management Software

    Hi, What are you using for portfolio management? What im looking for is something to: *Record Entry/Exits dates and prices. *Work out position sizes, win%, R/R, average trade length, etc. *Track monthly, yearly performance. *Log of closed trades. And more. Stator looks okay from...
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    Real Time Portfolio Management Program?

    Hi all I am new to equity trading and I have been looking (for days seriously) for a Real Time Portfolio Management Program. I dont want anything complex (charts, technical analysis etc etc etc). I have found many suitable programs that track my share buys / sells / dividends / Profit and...