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  1. SirRumpole

    How big should our population be?

    I'd just like a few ideas of what people think about this. Personally I think 30 million is about as big as we should get considering our lack of water resources and the inability of regional areas to sustain large towns due to the water problem. I can't see any imperative for rapid...
  2. D

    Ageing population

    Which sectors/areas of the economy are likely to become more important as Australia ages (beyond healthcare)?
  3. Julia

    Australia's Population

    There's a fair bit of discussion at present about whether Australia should be aiming for substantial population growth, e.g. suggested to be around 35 million by 2050. Some of the reason offered by those in favour of this (eg the government, and I think supported by Mr Abbott) is the need to...
  4. numbercruncher

    Baby Boomers are 25% of the population and control over 50% of the wealth!

    Boomers Ca$h So those freeloading Hippies of the 60s by virtue of being born now pretty much own the joint! They not only destroyed the planet enviromentally ignoring global warming for there super fund balance but have left the next generation renting off them to top up the retirement fund...