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political correctness

  1. wayneL

    Postmodernism, Marxism & PC, modern ideological poison

    Our friend J B Peterson 'splains
  2. wayneL

    McGuire, Sexism & PC

    So did Eddie et al go over the line with his comments about Ms Wilson, or is it another example of PC gone mad? What are peoples thoughts?
  3. P

    Is political correctness going too far?

    Reading the BBC website and a council in England has banned bingo calls like “legs eleven” or 88 “Two fat ladies” for fear of legal action should anyone be offended, these calls have been used for many years and become part of the tradition of calling the game, ironic that most people who go to...
  4. I

    Political correctness - the devil!

    For any political correctness discussion let's have it out - while we still have free speech. Here is a good site worth reading: Quote: Tonight on radio I was listening to a cab driver who plays carols while he is driving. Some teachers got into...