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  1. S

    Which is easier to make money: poker, sports betting, stock market?

    how do you rate them (1,----10), 10 is easiest. 1 is the hardest. :)
  2. MRC & Co

    Poker Stars

    Any regulars here play at Poker Stars and how do you go/what do you play? I have just signed up, so far, no luck! ha ha, but still learning the way these guys play at the various tables. So far just doing 1 table (or the 180 player tournament) sit and go tables in the low rooms, playing...
  3. jersey10


    Some people comment that good traders can often make good poker players and vice versa. Do you think this is the case? I believe there are common traits crucial to being a good poker player and a good trader. The main one i suppose is not being concerned at whether you are right or wrong but...