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  1. P

    Point and figure trading of US stocks

    Here I will share thoughts on US stocks using: technical analysis, point and figure charting, market analysis, sector analysis, Richard D. Wyckoff method analysis, relative strength analysis, and inner thoughts and feelings. In my trading I have been using point and figure and the...
  2. M

    Point and Figure for Forex: Any pair - Charts

    --USD/CAD: Our core bullish outlook for this market has been more than reaffirmed over the past couple of weeks, with the market accelerating back above parity and towards 1.0500 thus far. --While we continue to project significant upside over the medium-term, risks over the short-term appear...
  3. RichKid

    Point & Figure Charting - secret weapon?

    Does anyone use this style of chart regularly? I have heard it mentioned very favourably by some very experienced trading authors. For example, Daryl Guppy has an article on it on his website I'm also looking for a free online charting site (like...