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  1. wayneL

    Platinum - The Fundamentals

    I remember, once upon a time, when platinum was a far more precious metal than gold in terms of its price per ounce being close to twice the price of gold if I remember correctly. We can all see that it's value has gradually diminished since those days, to the point now where it is roughly half...
  2. T

    Options Analysis Software

    Hi, Are there any Options Analysis software that I can purchase or get for free. I am currently using optionetics platinum. I have also used hubb optiongear. I use it mainly to find volatility in options under different expiry. I am looking to find similar ones for the ASX market so that I can...
  3. A

    Buying physical platinum

    Hi all, All this talk about buying physical gold is driving me up the wall. From my standpoint I think platinum is starting to run, while gold has already done so. Where can I buy physical platinum coins/bars? I'm going for small scale purchases such as 1oz.
  4. kransky

    How to go long on silver, gold, platinum, sugar etc?

    I am searching for a way to do this. I dont see how to using comsec my current broker. I am not an "active trader" though, i estimate i'll make 1 trade per week
  5. D

    BVD - Bushveld Platinum

    I was a buyer today ... seems to me the move is afoot ...especially on a day when the market had little time for bulls ... volume kick along too.
  6. O


    Was wondering if their is a correlation between platinum prices and gold prices? Also what is the outlook for platinum prices?(Platinum,Palladium,Rhodium) Any information greatly appreciated.
  7. Caliente

    Platinum - how to analyse assay results?

    Could anyone give some guidance? I am now moderately proficient at "at-a-glance" (aka preschool) analysis of Zinc/Nickel/U/Copper grades, but Platinum stumps me. What's encouraging, re: grades and depth of intersection (DOI)?
  8. CanOz

    Platinum Jumps Most Since 2000 in London on Deficit Concern

    Check this out: Any good speccy Plat stocks?
  9. S

    PLA - Platinum Australia

    PLA- Platium Australia Limited How d' DO! :2twocents I recently brought shares in PLA to combine with my fedish for Metals, Mining and Materials. The 3 M's and it appears to be paying off in a big way. PLA is a well difined stock, with a International market with sites in south Africa...
  10. Mikepaus

    AQP - Aquarius Platinum

    Hi This stock has been moving well but in the last three weeks Has rocketed from an 11.30 Low to a high close of $14.84. The only reason I can see for this kick was it's acceptance on the FTSE 250. I' might just tighten my stops on this got in at $10.30 in November so feeling pleased with...