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  1. derangedlawyer

    ASX platinum stocks

    Some go with the platinum ETF quoted on the ASX, ETPMPT as there isn't a platinum equivalent of GDX (basket of mid-large sized gold miners) or GDXJ (junior gold miners). So what are your favourite sexy looking platinum miners listed on the ASX? Made the exact same thread on silver here...
  2. wayneL

    Platinum - The Fundamentals

    I remember, once upon a time, when platinum was a far more precious metal than gold in terms of its price per ounce being close to twice the price of gold if I remember correctly. We can all see that it's value has gradually diminished since those days, to the point now where it is roughly half...
  3. T

    Options Analysis Software

    Hi, Are there any Options Analysis software that I can purchase or get for free. I am currently using optionetics platinum. I have also used hubb optiongear. I use it mainly to find volatility in options under different expiry. I am looking to find similar ones for the ASX market so that I can...
  4. A

    Buying physical platinum

    Hi all, All this talk about buying physical gold is driving me up the wall. From my standpoint I think platinum is starting to run, while gold has already done so. Where can I buy physical platinum coins/bars? I'm going for small scale purchases such as 1oz.
  5. kransky

    How to go long on silver, gold, platinum, sugar etc?

    I am searching for a way to do this. I dont see how to using comsec my current broker. I am not an "active trader" though, i estimate i'll make 1 trade per week
  6. D

    BVD - Bushveld Platinum

    I was a buyer today ... seems to me the move is afoot ...especially on a day when the market had little time for bulls ... volume kick along too.
  7. O


    Was wondering if their is a correlation between platinum prices and gold prices? Also what is the outlook for platinum prices?(Platinum,Palladium,Rhodium) Any information greatly appreciated.
  8. Caliente

    Platinum - how to analyse assay results?

    Could anyone give some guidance? I am now moderately proficient at "at-a-glance" (aka preschool) analysis of Zinc/Nickel/U/Copper grades, but Platinum stumps me. What's encouraging, re: grades and depth of intersection (DOI)?
  9. CanOz

    Platinum Jumps Most Since 2000 in London on Deficit Concern

    Check this out: Any good speccy Plat stocks?
  10. S

    PLA - Platinum Australia

    PLA- Platium Australia Limited How d' DO! :2twocents I recently brought shares in PLA to combine with my fedish for Metals, Mining and Materials. The 3 M's and it appears to be paying off in a big way. PLA is a well difined stock, with a International market with sites in south Africa...
  11. Mikepaus

    AQP - Aquarius Platinum

    Hi This stock has been moving well but in the last three weeks Has rocketed from an 11.30 Low to a high close of $14.84. The only reason I can see for this kick was it's acceptance on the FTSE 250. I' might just tighten my stops on this got in at $10.30 in November so feeling pleased with...