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  1. StockyGuy

    Pip dreams - then I wake up :(

    Ok pip dream is bad pun (pipe dreams, geddit?) - and my dreams are more about being an options trader (US call options, with several months to expiry, holding for usually several days (strict entry based on moving averages and exits based on stop losses), on big volume/interest index and...
  2. T

    Commodities pip value

    Is there a way we can calculate the pip value of gold, WTI and the other commodities? As you know we can do the following calculation on fx pairs to find out the value of a pip (when USD quoted first) eg: (0.0001 / exchange rate) x lot size = pip value Can we do something similar to work it...
  3. T

    The value of a CFD pip?

    How can one work out the value of a pip/point of a given CFD product? Is there a calculation one can do to work this out, is the the same for all CFD products from commodity CFDs to share CFDs? In the forex market one can do the following to work out the value of a pip (when USD quoted first)...
  4. N

    Forex Mentor

    Howdy Forex Traders, I'm a newbie to Forex.:) Am currently in demo mode with a broker (won't mention their name for fear of being flamed). The information available on the internet with regards to FOREX is very overwhelming. I am sincerely looking for a forex mentor, and/or guidance from...