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  1. sam76

    The Photography thread

    I'm no snapper, but after seeing some of these taken from the last couple of days up north, i've become somewhat (fleetingly perhaps) interested. So put up your best snaps...
  2. roland

    Holiday Photos

    This was just posted on a US automotive forum that that I read. Not sure of the validity: Family on holiday in Australia for a week and a half when husband, wife and their 15 year old son decided to go scuba diving. The husband is in the navy and has had some scuba experience. His son wanted...
  3. Joe Blow

    ASF Travel Photos

    As some of you know, travel is one of my passions. A while ago an ASF member urged me to post some photos of my recent backpacking adventure to Eastern Europe. I said that I would and then procrastinated. :D Anyway, I finally resized some photos and have decided to post a few. I thought...