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  1. D

    Amibroker Perth

    Hi all Anyone in Perth currently using or exploring Amibroker as a backtesting platform. Keen to meet up and discuss if you are. Have made a start myself, seems pretty decent. Thanks
  2. A

    Hello from Perth, WA

    Hello to all from Perth. I am new to this Stock Market/Trading game and all this stuff is double dutch to me at the moment but willing to learn and would like some recommendation's on some good books to read or even a good course to take for beginner's like myself.
  3. Mr_D

    Calling Any Traders In Perth, WA

    Hi Guys, Is there any traders/investors on here that live in Perth, or northern suburbs of Perth that have experience in trading or investing? If so and are willing to offer help and advice, please let me know as I am after some local help. Cheers D
  4. Mr_D

    Totally new to trading

    Hi guys, I’ve been wanting to get into serious trading for a while and now finally ready to start. I plan to do day trading on the asx and eventually make a good living from it. Is there anyone on here that does day trading, lives in Perth and could offer some help and mentoring ?
  5. P

    Perth day traders group

    Hi. I am looking to find people who are currently day-trading the US Stock Market (or day trading any market for that matter - forex, german, london etc) from Perth, Western Australia. I am wanting to form some sort of group, preferably young"er" people under 50. Please contact me directly if...
  6. K

    Looking for trading mentor Perth WA

    G'day All, Long time lurker, first time poster. Currently looking for a local active trading mentor or someone who has traded in the past. I have recently been studying more technical analysis with the intention of making my first trade on ASX within 6 months. If anybody is willing to...
  7. A

    Interactive Brokers: Savvy accountant in Perth?

    Just wondering if anyone knows a switched on accountant to help me understand the Trader Workstation reports that I have generated. I need to do the tax thing and cant seem to get to a net profit that makes sense.
  8. S

    Seeking Perth day trading mentor

    Hi all I am a perth uni student (starting to think I should of done something more applicable to stocks than physics lol) and I have holidays coming up. I know I am hoping for alot but I would love to meet a current day trader or anyone who successfully trades full time. I want to see the...
  9. M

    Financial planners in Perth?

    Hi I'm retired, in Perth and looking for a qualified financial planner or company able to provide quality fee-for-service advice. A couple of our friends pretty much manage their own funds but use specialised firms for accounting records. Any thought along those lines would also be welcome...
  10. F

    Perth traders meet up for a beer and chat

    Any other 'Perthites' interested in meeting up for a beer,chat and some share's talk?. Gotta be near Sorrento though, bbq at my joints fine with me!.
  11. C

    Horrific child murder in Perth

    I am guessing this has not made it on the news in the Eastern states yet as I would presume a post would already have been posted. This link is pretty ordinary but it gives a basic on what happened It is scary and sad....
  12. T

    Louise Bedford seminar (Perth)

    A Personal Email from Louise Bedford I just want to let you know that this is your last chance to book into my up and coming seminar in Perth called Candlestick Triggers – An Intensive Workshop. This 4.5 hour workshop will be run on Tuesday evening, 7th June, 2005, from 5.30pm to 10.00pm at...