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  1. S

    Labor's proposed franking credit changes All explained. It's not just a retiree tax. 8.1 million people will lose franking credit cash refunds. People under $37k 10.500,000 Less exempt pensioners -3,500,000 583,000 SMSF Accumulation mode 583,000 517,000 SMSF...
  2. basilio

    Most practical/cost effective way to receive an overseas pension?

    What is the most practical/cost effective way to receive an overseas pension? I make the query because I am very aware of how banks uses internal charges and very poor exchange rates to skim big fees off any transfer I make overseas. Does this also happen in the above situation ?
  3. bigdog

    How three years in the UK can snare you a 30-year British pension It looks like I will get the UK pension and am able to top up at the cheaper Class 2 rate. None of this would have happened without your help and advice...
  4. bigdog

    SMSF Changes July 2018 - TBAR Reporting Requirements Pension Accounting

    TRANSFER BALANCE ACCOUNT REPORT (TBAR) EFFECTIVE JULY 1 2018 On Friday I was advised of new TBAR reporting requirements for SMSF in pension phase -- the pollies make things hard!! There is a 46 slide presentation link below...
  5. O

    Super, in the pension phase, some thought on structure?

    Having very recently retired I am now accessing my super as a pension and was thinking about ways to structure it. It's an industry fund (not into smsf) and offers the typical balanced, growth, cash etc options, can invest in a max of two with income derived from one to be taken fortnightly...
  6. piggybank

    British Pensions - Are We Going To Lose Them?

    Hi everyone, My wife said a few weeks ago that she read an article saying something to the effect that if you are expecting to receive a British pension (even though you may now be a dual citizen) in the future you should get in touch with the British government to see if you will still...
  7. Lisa Edwards

    Poland confiscates half of citizens' pensions

    NEW YORK – Quietly, as the looming possibility of a U.S. military attack on Syria dominated news internationally, the government of Poland announced a decision to confiscate half of the nation’s pension funds in an attempt to delay an impending government debt crisis. While details remain...
  8. S

    ATO taking a stronger view on segregated pension assets

    New to the forum and just trying to find the right place to canvas thoughts without requesting official financial advice, so first post. Just wondering if anyone has a view on how the ATO might shares that don't pay a dividend being put in a segregated pension asset pool given their new focus on...