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  1. C

    Amibroker and backtesting UK stocks priced in pennies

    Hi. I've tried all I can but can't find a solution to this. Can anybody help please? I'm trying to backtest UK stocks UK stocks are priced in pennies eg BHP on the London market is displayed and priced at 1657 (16 pounds and 57 pennies) I run a backtest and say this position size is for $5000...
  2. S

    Trading ASX penny stocks with CFDs or similar

    Hi; I'm new to the forum so glad to be part of the trading environment. My questions is: Is it possible to Trade ASX penny stocks (basically any equities below 30c prices) with DMA CFDs or any other similar instruments? If so how and with whom? Is it possible to obtain 10 - 20% Margins on...
  3. N

    Looking for penny stock trading mentor/buddies in Adelaide

    Hi, I am currently located in Adelaide, and trying to learn penny stock trading. I have not much idea of what to do or how to start. Just have been reading many different books and websites etc.. Looking for some experienced to point me to the right direction and guidance. or trading buddies...
  4. aus_trader

    Speculative Stock Portfolio

    I buy a few speculative stocks every now and then with money I can afford to lose, so smallest parcels of around $500 each per stock. '...with money I can afford to lose' is very misleading as it sound like I have excess that I don't know what to do with ! Quite the opposite is true, I am an...
  5. H

    Rule of thumb: avoid Aussie penny stocks < $1 - Is this advisable?

    I developed a rule after making some observations. I would like the experienced investors here to advise. Is it a good rule of thumb to avoid Aussie penny stocks <$1? Put them under the radar only after they are trading above $1. Do you think this makes sense? Will such a rule cause an investor...
  6. Userman

    ALZ - Aldershot Resources Ltd. (CVE)

    $ALZ.V $ALZTF - Aldershot Resources Reports 82.5 g/t Gold Project Video 2017
  7. Userman

    OWM - One World Minerals Inc. (CSE)

    OWM.C – One World Minerals to Acquire Large Lithium Project in Mexico
  8. S

    Penny stocks

    Good morning every one I was looking for treads on Penny stocks ( latests ones ) dont seem to have much luck , does anybody trade them , is there a list I can look to see the trend etc thank you sam
  9. Userman

    PYR - PyroGenesis Canada Inc. (TSX-V)

    PyroGenesis Canada Inc. (PYR.V / PYRNF) A Revenue Based Industrial Clean High Tech Company Holds Patented Advanced Materials Processing Technology DROSRITETM™ PUREVAP™ Plasma Atomization Process (PAP) PyroGenesis is a world leader in the production, design, development, manufacture and...
  10. P

    Margin Lending - Trading from Australia on the US Markets?

    So every US broker that I've contacted so far does not offer trading on margin for Australians if trading on the US Markets. I was wondering if any of you guys have found a broker that allows that? I'm specifically looking to long and shorting penny stocks intraday - the reason why I'm saying...
  11. M

    Penny stock query

    lets say I invest in a penny stock with a market value of 0.001. If I invest $5000, and the stock doesn't do what I think it would, but their is a decent amount trading volume on that given stock, is 'getting out' simply as easy as selling the stock for 0.001 and losing only the buy and sell...
  12. M

    Beat penny stock scams?

    Hi, I have read a lot about penny stocks and pump and dump scams. But I have a question, is it a viable strategy to get in early on a pump and dump scam and "ride it" until you make a profit and sell. I don't see it being illegal as you are not the one promoting it, just investing in it...
  13. R

    Best online broker to buy penny stocks in Australia?

    ok so i have heard about all the risks involve though i am really wanting to do this. I have time to invest into it and watch them though i cant find an online broker that lets you buy/sell penny stocks in australia. Please help thanks also i would rather not a large amount spent on each...
  14. L

    Beginner to trading shares

    Hello I'm Lachlan I'm 17 years old and plan on buying/selling shares on my mothers accounts (with her permission) I am interested in trading "penny stocks" I'm interested because I don't have much capital being 17 and you can buy shares for $1-$5. I was wondering if anyone knew of where I...
  15. D

    Penny dreadful stocks - do they ever come good?

    Do penny dreadful stocks ever come good - or given that most of these companies seem to have had 10+ years of declining annual value do they mostly continue in this vein until going bust?
  16. C

    Things to consider when choosing a US penny stock broker

    Hi, I have $500 and one of my friends advised me to invest that in penny stocks. I researched it on Internet and found that the stocks whose value is under $5 are called "Penny Stocks". I then searched if all brokers facilitate this service. Unfortunately, the answer is no. My question is...
  17. C

    Trading penny stocks: Where to start?

    Hey, after searching the Internet for answers and not really finding what I was looking for, I have decided to ask people who actually have experience in this field, you guys. So obviously I am a complete beginner and had a go at using CMC demo, which I actually found frustrating as it couldnt...
  18. T

    New Penny Stock Exchange in Newcastle?

    Hey forum-ites, I head a little while ago that a new Penny stock exchange opened up in Newcastle. Does anyone have any info on it? Googling didn't come up with much, but I'd love to know more. :confused:
  19. Y

    Leverage for penny stocks?

    I`m into trading penny stocks again after the crash and I`m doing well. since the 1st of July I made 131 trades of which 6 were losing trades and 125 winning or breakeven trades. Interactive Brokers used to have 50% margin on those trades, but the financial meltdown put a stop to this...