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    What's Wrong with P/E Ratio?

    Price to Earnings ratio is the most widely used tool to gauge the attractiveness of a stock. But it is important to know the limitation of PE ratio so we don’t fall for the “everything looks like a nail to a man with a hammer” illusion. Here are a few things to understand. Confuse between...
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    Does anyone know where to get industry/sector P/E ratios?

    I was just wondering if anyone knows where to download ASX industry/sector PE ratios (average)? There seems to be data on market as whole but not on specific sectors/companies. Would be ideal to download historical data too and for specific companies, would be happy to be pay for this...
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    Problem with calculating price to earning ratio?

    Hey there guys I have a problem getting the Price to earning ratio, if you google a company for example Facebook it shows the p/e ratio is 62. but when I did the manual calculation which is stock current price / eps I get the wrong number. So I did 128.99 (stocks current price) / 1.24(EPS)...
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    P/E ratios and fair value

    Need some clarification on analysing whether a stock is too expensive for current PE ratio Example: Current PE: 60 Current price of stock: $2 EPS current: $0.02 Here is where I started dabbling - please correct if I'm wrong Price to be neutral: Current PE * EPS current = $1.20...
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    Historical Market P/E

    I was just wondering if there are free resources for historical P/E of the ASX 200?
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    Sector P/E ratios

    Hi Does anyone know where I can find the ratios and yield averages by sector, in particular materials? Or even the ASX averages? P/E ratios, yield % etc?? is there any online resource for this? any help much appreciated, gotta get this assignment done. cheers
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    What is the P/E ratio industry average for Australian banks?

    What is the P/E ratio industry average for Australian banks
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    Where can I find the average ASX 200 P/E ratio?

    I often hear quoted the current average P/E ratio for the market, but have never been able to find a figure online. Anyone know a website that provides the market average P/E (as opposed to that for a particular stock)? Thanks!
  9. mime

    Importance of P/E ratio?

    How much does a companys PE ration factor in when you choose a stock? I won't buy a stock with a high PE ratio.