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  1. BlindSquirrel

    Dalio's giving away his new book (in PDF)

    "Principles For Navigating Big Debt Crises" But he wants your contact details for it - you can start the ball rolling on the download process at TIP has a review of it on their podcast last week. I'm slogging through the first part at the moment...
  2. piggybank

    Query About

    Hi, Up until last week I used to use the stocknessmonster site to copy a link I wanted to put in a post. However, when I now click on a link it comes up "unlinked" and will not open:(. So it appears when I was cleaning up a few files last weekend I must have inadvertently removed some...
  3. S

    PDF - Pacific Dairies

    Look out for this one - market sensitive announcement last week didn't provide the catalyst as 2 weeks ago when it hit the roof ! The last time this happend 2 weeks ago, the share price rocketed ! Get in now ! Highly likely that more important market sensitive announcements will follow...