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pauline hanson

  1. Garpal Gumnut

    Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party Drop $500,000

    Pauline Hansons One Nation Party have lost money in the Mayfair Platinum Ponzi Scheme. All up $500,000. Albeit in two transactions. ( I always find when I lose money it is consoling to lose it in more than one transaction ) :) This was in March of this year. My manservant Josef Švejk tells me...
  2. N

    Pauline Hanson: Her Resurrection

    After a Topsy turvy political career, Pauline is back stronger than ever and the lefties have gone into a frenzy because she is saying what a hell of lot of people are thinking. We are all Australians irrespective of colour or creed. Jennifer Oriel sums up the Human rights saga extremely well...
  3. N

    Pauline Hanson for PM?

    Now, now no bad language please. But!!!. Todays poll on nine gave a result that would possibly beat both Abbott and Gillard if the same question was asked in the same manner. Question; Do you want Pauline Hanson to return to politics? Vote Yes.....36866 No......44154. Not...
  4. Bushman

    Pauline Hanson is emigrating to the UK!

    Here is a definite sign of an improvement in Australian society. Why the UK though? I would've thought her crack pot right wing politics would resonate in the US? I am sure she could add...
  5. Trembling Hand

    OMG! Nude Pauline Hanson creates an ASF record!

    OMG. This is just too funny. I noticed yesterday arvo my blog was getting a very high number of hits. Way way more than a normal Sunday. My blog can record where people are clicking from to enter my site. It was clear it was coming from ASF but when I looked at what thread they were coming from...
  6. M

    Pauline Hanson nude photos controversy,27574,25188788-421,00.html