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    Volume-Price-Patterns-Context & Catalysts - Example Charts & Analysis

    As suggested I will post up charts with analysis to follow. I search for Volume Control Bars and save them to file. I have 2 searches (1) For Today (5) 5 Days ago so we can look for any patterns. Most VCB bars have price form an inside bar the next day,this is common Strong bars will continue...
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    Volume-Price-Patterns-Context & Catalysts, an Application to Trading Stocks

    Further to Greggles discussion on DYL This is a fascinating topic that I have researched and refined over at least 10 yrs. It really needs to be presented in its entirety as charts and explanation are really necessary to show a complete picture. To gel everything together. Topics (1) Volume...
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    Daffy Trades Micro Patterns under $1

    Something I've done for years. I enjoy it and best of all I do well out of it. Haven't done much lately so thought Id crank it up. Petes done such a great job with the continuation of PAV's thread with his own twist and generated some good interest. Inspired me If there is enough...
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    Volume/Range and Price patterns - Post links here

    Technically I believe these are the keys to successful discretionary trading. Im looking over a period of years to find as much as I can on the subject from sources all over the web. Its my intention to compile a practical application guide on the best out there for public use. My main...
  5. R

    Triangles, flags, rectangles

    Hello, Many traders use patterns to form a part of their trade decisions, does anyone know where there is an algorithm that provides these patterns for NT7? There is one offered by a partner, unfortunately, the cost is quite high and one I don't wish to incur at this time. If anyone has...
  6. M

    What does this pattern mean?

    I am looking into US market recently. Please take a look at following stocks. NASDAQ:RTLX NASDAQ:GTSI NASDAQ:STEC They have a similar flat line chart, the price remains almost same for quite much time. I've never seen such a pattern on other markets including ASX market. I am a beginner to...
  7. S

    Traders' delusion with random patterns

    Just thought I'd share this: I read in the last few days that somewhere around 50-70% of US managed funds underperformed sp500. Wonder if there is a correlation there :eek:
  8. C

    Chart Patterns

    G'day Chart Patterns..can they work or are they useless?? cheers, ceasar73.:)
  9. A

    Volume vs. SP patterns - help please

    hi everyone, I know there is no wrong or right answer but can someone point me in the right direction to see if I have got some fundamentals right. assuming a company with no groundbreaking annoucemnts or funny business, is this correct??? HIGH VOLUME + no SP change = lots of Buyers +...