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  1. sptrawler

    When is it OK for a partner to move on?

    The Barnaby Joyce incident, has really brought into the spotlight, the vow of till death us do part. When is it o.k for a partner, who feels they are being short changed in the partnership, to call it a day and move on? I think a huge dilemma is developing, as roles change and the expectations...
  2. basilio

    Paying for your child/partner's HECS fees

    Anyone else seen this particular proposal being examined by the Turnball government? Essentially they are looking at making HECS fees repayments mean tested on the whole households income. SO if your son/daughter is still staying at home because they can't get a job the government can...
  3. wayneL

    How To Choose a Partner

    I reckon this is a great idea of Mr B's for a thread. I didn't have a checklist as such, but before proposing, I asked myself - "Can I see myself with this woman in 20, 30, 50 years time?"