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paper trading

  1. N

    Interactive Brokers - Paper trading provides misleading results

    Hi All, I created an IB account and for the last six weeks I've been doing paper trading. My account is steadily growing and apparently I am so successful I could quit my job. I usually make up to ten trades per day, each trade is about $4000 - $5000. In one month I made about $10000, if I am to...
  2. A

    Looking for paper trading system

    Hello Folks, Have been reading the forums for a few weeks now and wish to thank the regular posters for their contribution, really helps people of my standing :) What I am trying to sort out now is a paper trading system . I cant seem to find one and one where I can add moving averages...
  3. J

    Paper trading programs/websites allowing the use of options

    hey guys, I am kinda new and looking at learning to use options, However, i didnt want to jump straight into it with real money, i do know how options work but am not ready to risk any of my money on trading them. I was wondering if there are any good websites or programs that allow paper...
  4. L

    Decent paper trading system

    G'day, I'm lookng for a decent paper trading system to let loose on theories that I might have in regards to TA. Some reccomendations would be appreciated greatly.
  5. N

    Studying/paper trading

    How long did you/ have you been studying and paper trading for? At what stage did you feel confident to start live trading? I have been studying on and off for a few years inbetween kids, moving country and the general stuff of life. My plan sees me doing a few more months of serious study...
  6. rub92me

    Interactive Brokers Troubleshooting

    MOD NOTE: Please see this thread for coverage of common IB FAQ's. The discussion starts in earnest after about p3. For example, a number of common queries related to account opening are answered by Steve-IB from Interactive Brokers. Remember to use the thread search tool with keywords...
  7. L

    Trading platform for paper trading

    Just a quick message regarding setting up a demo/trading game (platform) which you can continually use to paper trade, to trial different strategies, systems etc. I read a post saying SFE has one, is that right? Are they out there, looking but cant find one. Help would be very appreciated.
  8. T

    Paper trading vs. Real trading experiment

    you know i keep wondering what would happen if someone did a study of the following. much like a placebo experiment. both groups are to trade to the best of their ability to make the highest gains possible. give group A limited virtual credits and tell them that it represents real money...
  9. JetDollars

    Paper Trade?

    Dear All, Since I am only new to share trading. Do you think, if I put up my paper trades here and why I select this stock, so you guys can comments about it would be a good idea? Paper Trade Process: 1. Charting (From Selected Stock) 2. Entry Signal (ie. EMA, Trend,...) 3. Stop Loss...