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paper trading

  1. Linus van Pelt

    System optimisation: IS training vs. OOS testing, and Paper Trading

    Hi, As I understand it... In Sample (IS) training: IS training is when you are optimizing your (hopefully!) frozen code. The object of the IS training is to solve for the best outcome of some objective function, say Net Profit, CAR/MDD, % System Drawdown, etc. Let's further say you might...
  2. N

    Interactive Brokers - Paper trading provides misleading results

    Hi All, I created an IB account and for the last six weeks I've been doing paper trading. My account is steadily growing and apparently I am so successful I could quit my job. I usually make up to ten trades per day, each trade is about $4000 - $5000. In one month I made about $10000, if I am to...
  3. A

    Looking for paper trading system

    Hello Folks, Have been reading the forums for a few weeks now and wish to thank the regular posters for their contribution, really helps people of my standing :) What I am trying to sort out now is a paper trading system . I cant seem to find one and one where I can add moving averages...
  4. J

    Paper trading programs/websites allowing the use of options

    hey guys, I am kinda new and looking at learning to use options, However, i didnt want to jump straight into it with real money, i do know how options work but am not ready to risk any of my money on trading them. I was wondering if there are any good websites or programs that allow paper...
  5. L

    Decent paper trading system

    G'day, I'm lookng for a decent paper trading system to let loose on theories that I might have in regards to TA. Some reccomendations would be appreciated greatly.
  6. J

    Paper trading the DAX - which broker?

    Hi everyone, I currently work in the finance (non-trading) field and am under some *tight* restrictions around what I can/can't trade and when. I wish to break into trading specifically and want to gain experience by day trading the DAX in the evenings. I've been trying to hunt for a...
  7. N

    Studying/paper trading

    How long did you/ have you been studying and paper trading for? At what stage did you feel confident to start live trading? I have been studying on and off for a few years inbetween kids, moving country and the general stuff of life. My plan sees me doing a few more months of serious study...
  8. leeannio

    Paper trading platforms

    Hey, I'm paper trading using Google Finance. I'm used to Google products so it's very comfortable, but my actual trading account is with Bell Direct. Does anyone know of any platforms where it's possible to 'paper trade' realistically, like it is with Google, that looks more like a real...
  9. A

    Best paper trading account?

    Hey, I am looking for a paper trading account where i can practice short trading aswell as going long. Possibly with cfd's aswell. I tried to sign up for ck locke and partners but the program didnt open on my computer and it is only a limited 2 week trial anyway. Any help would be great...
  10. A

    Paper Trading: Log your results!

    I thought i would start a thread for all you newbies to state our paper trades and log our results. Try to take trades that you would normally trade, with real money. Say what your strategy is and how you feel about the trade (if you need to, eg, are you anxious, excited?). Perhaps we...
  11. Largesse

    Paper trading

    Is there any good software out there for tracking and executing "paper trades". Since i've blown a good 50% of my starting capital in the last 6 months i thought i should probably get back to basics. Ideally it would be able to do futures.
  12. rub92me

    Interactive Brokers Troubleshooting

    MOD NOTE: Please see this thread for coverage of common IB FAQ's. The discussion starts in earnest after about p3. For example, a number of common queries related to account opening are answered by Steve-IB from Interactive Brokers. Remember to use the thread search tool with keywords...
  13. L

    Trading platform for paper trading

    Just a quick message regarding setting up a demo/trading game (platform) which you can continually use to paper trade, to trial different strategies, systems etc. I read a post saying SFE has one, is that right? Are they out there, looking but cant find one. Help would be very appreciated.
  14. T

    Paper trading vs. Real trading experiment

    you know i keep wondering what would happen if someone did a study of the following. much like a placebo experiment. both groups are to trade to the best of their ability to make the highest gains possible. give group A limited virtual credits and tell them that it represents real money...
  15. dutchie

    Learning how to trade – an alternative to paper trading

    These are suggestions on how a person can learn how to trade. 1. Read information from the ASX ( – heaps of excellent information plus company information, data etc etc. Attend any free seminars that are available. 2. Join forums like this one and read, read, read. 3. Use...
  16. JetDollars

    Paper Trade?

    Dear All, Since I am only new to share trading. Do you think, if I put up my paper trades here and why I select this stock, so you guys can comments about it would be a good idea? Paper Trade Process: 1. Charting (From Selected Stock) 2. Entry Signal (ie. EMA, Trend,...) 3. Stop Loss...