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pairs trading

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    Pairs trading tools/spread trading

    Anybody experience on any of these tools for pairs trading ( My interest is Futures to Futures rather than stock to stock) I am aware there is along thread on Pairtradefinder but all this is about stock to stock which is capital intensive
  2. M

    CTA (USA) or similar offering Pairs trading or similar

    Hi Can any body recommend a qualified, regulated CTA ( in USA or in other jurisdiction where such "Advisers" are properly audited etc) with these specific trading style - Trading the European Yield Curves or similar - Pairs Trading - Mean reverting spread trading Here is a explanation...
  3. Pairs Trader

    ASX Stock Pairs Trade Journal

    A few members requested me start a journal after I posted a pair trade I took in december here I thought I would go ahead and start one to show how its done, It amazes me how many traders only use technical analysis or...