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    Lost $1600 in one day trading OZL

    Bought 10000 OZL at 1.65 yesterday, sold today at $1.50 - shocking :banghead: I sold like any newbies would in panic - maybe I should just hold OZL and wait for next week, I don't know I just lost control - all I wanted to do was sell, sell and sell to cut losses. The market is too...
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    OZL - Oz Minerals

    OZ MINERALS LIMITED (OZL) The merged entity of Oxiana ((OXR)) and Zinifex ((ZFX)). OZ Minerals new ASX ticker code of OZL will be effective as of Wednesday 23 July. Macquarie 23/07/2008 Outperform $3.10 49.0% For the first report on the merged entity, which will now be under...