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  1. C

    AFL stoch, macd, overbought

    StochK<30=>checking stoch crossup and macd crossup=>buy if line of stoch and line of macd cross up from 30 to 50 in range=>buy if next bar or next few bar can't crossup over 50 and drop down below 30=>sell if stoch crossdown and macd crossdown StochK>70=>sell I coded as below and ran it in...
  2. Eager

    Why are some stocks oversold?

    I hold an amount of BKN, having accumulated them over the past year or two. A former darling several times over that have always paid good dividends and realised a solid capital gain. I fully realise that this is not a guarantee of future returns, but I have always viewed them as a junior...
  3. E

    Stocks being oversold in one day?

    HI I am only new at this and just been reading around different posts and have read allot about company's that have oversold in a day, can someone explain to me how do you know when company's stocks have been oversold? or what are in the indicators that they have? Is this something that is...
  4. exgeo

    Hedge fund selling targets (oversold = bargain?)

    I have noticed a couple of stocks I hold Compass Resources (CMR) and Arc Petroleum (ARQ) both recently put out "ceasing to be a substantial shareholder" notices, which with a little Googling proved to be hedge funds. Both of these companies IMHO have been sold down far below fundamental...
  5. T

    Oversold stocks that will perform well in July?

    I just find some of the oversold shares which is Ok with fundamental analysis. but a lot of ppl sell in June for tax reason, which negatively affect their true value. e.g. EDN, KGL. PXR Does anyone here know you what shares is oversold in June?
  6. M

    Identifying stocks that have been oversold

    Now by no means do I advocate bottom picking, but I think there are stocks that have been oversold. The question is, what technical indicator would you use to work out when the panic selling has stopped?