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  1. B

    Off Market Transfer From Overseas

    Hi everyone, First time poster, so I hope I am asking this in the right place. My partner's father has some stocks in Sweden, which he himself inherited from his parents. He would like to transfer them to my partner in Australia. He looked at selling them and sending the money but I believe...
  2. sptrawler

    60 Minutes takes our journalistic aggression overseas

    Well it has come home to roost,IMO, only Australia lets Journalists get away with anything they want to.:rolleyes: Overseas Governments, obviously aren't as frightened, of taking our journalists to task...
  3. S

    One off overseas share sale

    Hi All my trading as been on the ASX. A few years ago Barrick (ABX:NYSE) purchased a local gold miner I had shares in, and I finished up with shares in Barrick. In total I hold slightly less than 1,000 shares. Any suggestions on how I go about doing a one off sales of these shares without...
  4. basilio

    Transfering funds Overseas

    A friend has just received a 1000 English pound cheque. He has an account in Canada ( that services a property) and wants to just have the cheque directly paid into that account. (If its done that way it would save the transfer costs to Aust dollars and the bank charges associated with...