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    Overseas shares vs. Australian shares 2017

    I switched my super from Australian shares to "Overseas Shares" about a month or two ago but they have only gone down since. Any thoughts why? I heard that international shares were the go for 2017 ( I'm assuming overseas and international shares are the same thing?) Appreciate any thoughts.
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    Overseas shares: Where are they and how do I access them?

    Hi, I have some shares in a US based company, however I don't know where these shares "are". I know how many I have but they are not in my share trading account here in Australia. How do I find out where they are and how to access them? I was one of the founding shareholders of the...
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    Investor or trader: overseas shares for tax purposes?

    Before asking my account, just like to find out from people trading in overseas shares in offshore brokers such as IB. When it comes to tax time does the ATO's take into account these overseas activity when determining if you are an investor or trader? I have contacted the ato about this...
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    Overseas Stocks - BREAKOUT Alerts!

    I`ve got to report this one because its one of my personal stocks. KCS is a gas and oil company in Texas. With a ratio of 90 to 10. That means more gas. The market in the past month has broken out. I have waited to report it because she was very volatile in the last 12 months.