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  1. C

    AFL stoch, macd, overbought

    StochK<30=>checking stoch crossup and macd crossup=>buy if line of stoch and line of macd cross up from 30 to 50 in range=>buy if next bar or next few bar can't crossup over 50 and drop down below 30=>sell if stoch crossdown and macd crossdown StochK>70=>sell I coded as below and ran it in...
  2. daytradeprofit

    Markets are insanely overbought on every single time frame

    Notice the ascending configuration of the graph, as well as the bottom oscillator 2008 when it reached extreme levels - the market made an opposite move So we saw declines and the day is rising but what is interesting is the strength and the ability of the market to attract moves of strong...
  3. S

    XJO overbought - Will going short work?

    like a company can and index be overbought?? I see analysts like the guy on TV..newspaper from commsec ..''this markets still going higher because of this and that ..surely after a rise of this magnitude they should be asking for CAUTION ...its heated and we know what happens in hot markets. Do...