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    SODE - Social Detention Inc./Bitplaza

    Hey everyone I want to share a interesting stock with you guys. The stock ticker is SODE and it trades on the American stock exchange. The company recently acquired a stake in Bitplaza Inc, a global bitcoin shopping marketplace. The Bitplaza shopping platform is already launched and generating...
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    Over The Counter (OTC) Stocks

    I notice these trade overnights during US Time. EG. ANZBY, TLSYY Do their stock movements overnight generally give an indication of the following day's price?
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    Need to know alternatives of OTC for commodity and forex trading?

    Hi fellow members, I have been trading commodity & forex on various reputable OTC platform providers, but as usual practice for them to hunt stop loss or slow platform when trade is in our favour or while executing profitable trade, It seems like no matter what this guys advertise for...
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    Broker for buying OTC shares in the US?

    Hi all. I'm new to trading but please spare me your ego. I want to trade Smart metric shares (SMME) online but for one don't know where to do it. It's a USA penny stock I've been watching and want to put down between $100-$1000aud on it. Can anyone offer advice as to which broker would be...
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    Buying U.S. OTC stocks?

    Hi All. How would YOU go about buying NSRS, a US OTC stock? As an Australian resident I am finding this difficult. E-Trade AU global does not trade in the US OTC Exchange. What are my broker options? Thanks
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    VRS - Veris Limited

    OTOC Limited (OTC) was formerly known as Emerson Stewart Group Limited (ESW).