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  1. N

    OptionsXpress - any opinions about their actions?

    I was looking into trading international shares from Australia and I found Their fees are pretty good and I was attracted by the fact they also offer virtual trading. In fact, they advertise for free virtual trading if we open an account with them, but they don't say...
  2. goponcho

    Communication with US companies through OptionsXpress

    Hi, Bought some BRK.B through OptionsXpress earlier on in year. I havent received anything from BRK yet. Will they post out annual letter and invitation to annual meeting in due time? Thanks
  3. T

    OptionsXpress want my bank and specific income details

    Hi all, Just opened new non proffetional account with optionsxpress, to paper trade mainly and do my 1st couple trading in 3 months ( hopefully), they offer 5 free trades if I put some money now which I find great My q is they requested my detailed bank account ? Is it safe to give it to...
  4. shakermaker

    Interactive Brokers vs. Options Express?

    Hi guys, Just a quick post to see if there are any opinions on IB vs OX for trading options on the US market. At present, I trade Iron Condors and a few naked puts on the major US indices. I am using Think or Swim at the moment but I am exploring ways of getting my trading funds back in to...
  5. M

    Anyone using OptionsXpress?

    Im a bit unclear as how to fund my account? It mentions sending checks -- too f$%king slow. And it also mentions ACH -- whats that? Cant I just have funds from commonwealth savings account linked to the optionsexpress account? I have heard of Interactive Brokers recently but seems to be a...