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  1. D

    What's SelfWealth or Robinhood equivalent for trading Warrants & Options?

    Hi all, What's SelfWealth or Robinhood equivalent for trading Warrants & Options.
  2. B

    Options trading mentor/tutor

    I have been reading up on Options in the last few weeks. Unfortunately, the more I read the less it seems to go in.....I have looked at some strategies and it just doesn't seem to connect with me....I'm giving up and I am seeking out a tutor. I have looked on line without success as it is all...
  3. Z

    Trading Options, Selling Premium (Fig Leaf/PMCC)

    I've a query whether anyone here trades options by selling premium, ie covered calls. This does not seem to be popular strategy used by Australians, yet in the USA there are countless people doing it with large success. My question here is if anyone has views on instead of using stock, using...
  4. J

    Cheapest Broker for Options, FX, US Indices, Gold

    Beginner Options Trader looking for best options broker for Australian residents. Are there any negative tax implications if I use a US or international Broker? Intending about 10 small trades a month, high return, high risk NTM options. Options will have daily, weekly or monthly expiries. I...
  5. S

    Amibroker and options?

    Hi all, Does Amibroker allow you to explore for only stocks that are optionable? Any thoughts on how to code the exploration please??? Thanks in advance.
  6. D

    European Options - Can I close position before Maturity/Expiry?

    I have a question on European Options - Can I close position before Maturity / Expiry? Since most of the Index options are European style so was wondering if I can close the Option before expiry. Say I bought Put option for SPX 500 when Index was at 3000 and in next few days if the index goes...
  7. E

    Short Strategy Recommendations?

    Hi, I'm looking for an ASX200 index short trade (option?) that would fulfill the following criteria: 1) Highly leveraged. 2) I can't loose more than my equity. 3) If the index goes up, I loose all of my equity (obviously). 4) If the index goes down 0.1% to 15%, I loose all of my equity 5) If...
  8. B

    KOSPI 200 Settlement Quotes

    Hi Everyone, I've been looking high and low for the settlement quotes for KOSPI 200 Options. Does anyone know where they might be found (I'm using IB). Thanks in advance.
  9. wayneL

    Options in 2018 and beyond

    Things have changed a little bit since I last wrote about options, yet some things haven't. This thread is specifically about oz options... with this disclaimer, I haven't traded Aus options for a helluva long time now, having been only semi active in the US maeket for the last few years So...
  10. W

    Australian Share Options

    Hey Guys, I haven't been around here for ages and I think this is my first post under this name. I just wanted to ask wtf has happened to the options market my god there used be lots of OI and some pretty good spreads. Just getting back into it (obviously) since about 2008 ish and gee it has...
  11. Leaps

    "Options in motion" book - what do you think?

    Hi there, I've been reading this book by Katiforis & Macris, in which they explain in impressive detail some investment strategies for options. The ones that interest me are 'share replacement' (buying long term in the money call options of 3-9 months or more), 'covered calls' (with roll backs...
  12. T

    What's it like to get a margin call with Interactive Brokers?

    Hi all, I've been reading a lot about futures and options and I'm waiting to learn more before I dip my toe. One the things on my mind is what are the mechanics of a margin call on derivatives, specifically with IB. I'm planning on holding cash and bonds while trading futures/future options...
  13. J

    Gold options withholding tax

    Hi, I have been trading gold options for 12 months through a UK broker. It is now time for me to cash in on profits. Regarding the withholding taxon capital gains in the US, my broker as informed that I have to pay it and then I will get it back. Please help me by clarifying why the tax can't...
  14. tradefloor

    XJO Trading System

    Hi All, So I thought I'd join in the conversation around trading systems as this has been something I have been interested in over the last 13 or 14 years. I've built a few over the years that I have used on and off, but, generally, I was never 100% committed to them as I used to spend 10...
  15. Soma

    Interactive Brokers - TWS - Options

    Hi, Can anyone post the method to do "Buy to close" a sold covered call position in Interactive Brokers Mosaic or TWS. They don't seem to use that terminology so can't find in documentation. All help, greatly appreciated.
  16. B

    Premium and contract size on ASX options

    Hi Everyone, I've decided to take the plunge and start trading options and I'm a bit puzzled about the multipliers for index options. From the ASX site: XJOWN8 Description: 6375.0 CALL OPTION EXPIRING 19-APR-2018 Underlying asset: S&P/ASX200 Expiry: 19 Apr 2018 Exercise Price: 6,375.000...
  17. B

    Aussies trading SPY options?

    Any thoughts on trading spy options from Aus? Cheers
  18. S

    Options trading in Australia

    Hi all, Seeking a bit of help for those who have experience with options trading in Australia. I have been trading options in the U.S. for about two years now, originally through OptionsXpress which has now become Charles Schwab. I'm fairly comfortable with options trading basics and have...
  19. 56gsa

    Listed options lagging share price

    Question for you all What are the reasons listed options would lag the share price for a company? eg the gap between SP and option price is greater than the option excise price... Example I'm looking at is ZYB/ZYB where there is a 1.8 cent gap but excise price is 1.2 cents ... Some reasons...
  20. bellenuit

    Newbie going further into Options

    I have dipped my toes in the water with options trading by selling covered calls in Apple (AAPL) through Interactive Brokers over the last few months. I am now looking at advancing my trading by hopefully using options to make some additional money from a sell/buy of the same stock. Without...