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  1. M

    Simple Aussie options - best approach

    I want to take a simple approach of selling options with the intent to own the shares then write covered calls. I'm starting out small but finding it hard to figure out best way to do this. Online broker or full service broker that is economical. Many years ago used Halifax full service...
  2. R

    Commsec Options Trading Test

    Hello, I currently have a Commec account and am now applying to have a Level 2 Options trading account so I can start to sell covered calls. Commsec requires that you complete a 10 question test first before being approved. I am sure I have completed it correctly but it is saying I have...
  3. M

    Palladium Options anywhere?

    Hi guys, Anyone knowledge where I can find a broker that offers options on Palladium? I'm with IB and IG. Apart from CFDs and futures I couldn't find anything for this underlying assett. Cheers Mohony
  4. wayneL

    Options and War

    Just some lazy monday lunchtime musings... My client has had major surgery and obviously can't do her appointment today, so sitting here at Bells Rapids, contemplating where I am going to put the nuclear fallout shelter on the property I've just bought, plus other tangental thoughts. it struck...
  5. tradeanalyzer

    Australian tax resident trading in NSE options trading

    Hi, I am an Australian Tax resident (PR holder) and Indian Citizen. I am analysing various ways to trade Stock/Index options. Especially, Nifty/Bank nifty options . Also buy some of the stocks in NSE/BSE. What are the brokers who support to trade options and invest in stocks. IBKR? Note: I...
  6. wayneL

    Options, SV, IV, Probabilities and Low Volatility Moves

    I thought I would open this thread basically about volatility analysis and/or trading, as it relates to taking positions in the real world. ... Especially when going short gamma (Selling options), but not excluding considerations when long gamma. (Buying) Could it be that our analysis using...
  7. L

    Currently Studying Options: Call Option Question

    Hey, I am currently studying options and would really appreciate from advice. I think I am overthinking and I want to make sure that I have this right before I carry on. Here is an example: Current underlying stock price $58.00 I then buy a call with a strike price at $40.00 with an...
  8. G

    Options trading in OZ - 'Reopening' discussions

    Hi all, I spent some time on ASF a few years ago, left for a while, but am back now. I am intending to move into options trading. I have traded shares/stocks for over 30 years but now want to move in to options as I now have a lot more time on my hands. I have a grown a large portfolio of Oz...
  9. Dominover

    Day Trading Options in Australia?

    I have some specific questions about day trading Option contracts on Australian companies. Wondering if anyone could answer the questions below. Does anyone actually buy and sell options to profit from the change in Option premium value (in and out in 1 day) ? If the option was bought 'in the...
  10. A

    I think I'm doing something wrong - help with options calculation

    I'm learning about options (from the ASX course), think I understand the basics and am interested in buying options in the XJO index. As a test calculation, I want to model the financial impacts of hedging the XJO both ways - for both a drop and a rise. Yet the profit numbers come out too high...
  11. D

    What's SelfWealth or Robinhood equivalent for trading Warrants & Options?

    Hi all, What's SelfWealth or Robinhood equivalent for trading Warrants & Options.
  12. B

    Options trading mentor/tutor

    I have been reading up on Options in the last few weeks. Unfortunately, the more I read the less it seems to go in.....I have looked at some strategies and it just doesn't seem to connect with me....I'm giving up and I am seeking out a tutor. I have looked on line without success as it is all...
  13. Z

    Trading Options, Selling Premium (Fig Leaf/PMCC)

    I've a query whether anyone here trades options by selling premium, ie covered calls. This does not seem to be popular strategy used by Australians, yet in the USA there are countless people doing it with large success. My question here is if anyone has views on instead of using stock, using...
  14. J

    Cheapest Broker for Options, FX, US Indices, Gold

    Beginner Options Trader looking for best options broker for Australian residents. Are there any negative tax implications if I use a US or international Broker? Intending about 10 small trades a month, high return, high risk NTM options. Options will have daily, weekly or monthly expiries. I...
  15. S

    Amibroker and options?

    Hi all, Does Amibroker allow you to explore for only stocks that are optionable? Any thoughts on how to code the exploration please??? Thanks in advance.
  16. D

    European Options - Can I close position before Maturity/Expiry?

    I have a question on European Options - Can I close position before Maturity / Expiry? Since most of the Index options are European style so was wondering if I can close the Option before expiry. Say I bought Put option for SPX 500 when Index was at 3000 and in next few days if the index goes...
  17. E

    Short Strategy Recommendations?

    Hi, I'm looking for an ASX200 index short trade (option?) that would fulfill the following criteria: 1) Highly leveraged. 2) I can't loose more than my equity. 3) If the index goes up, I loose all of my equity (obviously). 4) If the index goes down 0.1% to 15%, I loose all of my equity 5) If...
  18. B

    KOSPI 200 Settlement Quotes

    Hi Everyone, I've been looking high and low for the settlement quotes for KOSPI 200 Options. Does anyone know where they might be found (I'm using IB). Thanks in advance.
  19. wayneL

    Options in 2018 and beyond

    Things have changed a little bit since I last wrote about options, yet some things haven't. This thread is specifically about oz options... with this disclaimer, I haven't traded Aus options for a helluva long time now, having been only semi active in the US maeket for the last few years So...
  20. W

    Australian Share Options

    Hey Guys, I haven't been around here for ages and I think this is my first post under this name. I just wanted to ask wtf has happened to the options market my god there used be lots of OI and some pretty good spreads. Just getting back into it (obviously) since about 2008 ish and gee it has...