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  1. G

    Options trading in OZ - 'Reopening' discussions

    Hi all, I spent some time on ASF a few years ago, left for a while, but am back now. I am intending to move into options trading. I have traded shares/stocks for over 30 years but now want to move in to options as I now have a lot more time on my hands. I have a grown a large portfolio of Oz...
  2. Dominover

    Day Trading Options in Australia?

    I have some specific questions about day trading Option contracts on Australian companies. Wondering if anyone could answer the questions below. Does anyone actually buy and sell options to profit from the change in Option premium value (in and out in 1 day) ? If the option was bought 'in the...
  3. B

    Options trading mentor/tutor

    I have been reading up on Options in the last few weeks. Unfortunately, the more I read the less it seems to go in.....I have looked at some strategies and it just doesn't seem to connect with me....I'm giving up and I am seeking out a tutor. I have looked on line without success as it is all...
  4. Seeking Truth

    Options Trading/Covered Call Education - Recommendations?

    I'm sure this has been posted many times before but I cant seemd to find the threads. I'd like to get some quality education and would love to hear from others who are in the game as to where they would go to get this. I'm looking to learn good capital protected / risk managed stratergies. As a...
  5. M

    S/T view - which call/put option?

    Hi All, Just looking to start trading options. Wanting to get advise on the following scenario: What Call Maturity/Strike/Delta do I buy if I expect a move up in price in the next three weeks? Would I buy a call with strike price below/above my target price? Would I buy a call with longer...
  6. D

    Options Trading in International Markets (US, Hong Kong, India)

    Please let me know which Brokers / Platforms are recommended for trading Options / derivatives in International Stock Markets (US, Hongkong and India) from Australia? Also what are the Tax implications while trading in International Markets from Australia?
  7. B

    Premium and contract size on ASX options

    Hi Everyone, I've decided to take the plunge and start trading options and I'm a bit puzzled about the multipliers for index options. From the ASX site: XJOWN8 Description: 6375.0 CALL OPTION EXPIRING 19-APR-2018 Underlying asset: S&P/ASX200 Expiry: 19 Apr 2018 Exercise Price: 6,375.000...
  8. B

    Aussies trading SPY options?

    Any thoughts on trading spy options from Aus? Cheers
  9. S

    Options trading in Australia

    Hi all, Seeking a bit of help for those who have experience with options trading in Australia. I have been trading options in the U.S. for about two years now, originally through OptionsXpress which has now become Charles Schwab. I'm fairly comfortable with options trading basics and have...
  10. D

    Best market for Option Trading

    I'm new and have done some research and it appears that the US market is the best to do Option Trading and for very valid reasons. I havent been able to make a trade yet so havent put it to the test yet. So my question is, does anyone option trade on the LSE or any other market which can give...
  11. bellenuit

    Newbie going further into Options

    I have dipped my toes in the water with options trading by selling covered calls in Apple (AAPL) through Interactive Brokers over the last few months. I am now looking at advancing my trading by hopefully using options to make some additional money from a sell/buy of the same stock. Without...
  12. P

    Trading US stocks and options with < $1000 fund

    Hello everybody, I am an Australian resident willing to start trading US stocks and options at cheapest price available. I am aware of IB existence but their 10.000 minimum funds requirement is out of my current possibilities. Is there any alternative service I shall consider? Thanks
  13. Seqman

    Trading options in Australia

    Hi all . I have just joined the forum. I have been trading on and off for a couple of years just mainly doing Calls and Puts on the US market through optionsXpress. Work commitments seem to get in the way of spending more time than I would like to trading and learning. I recently decided that I...
  14. H

    Experiences in trading options on overseas markets

    Hi Can anyone share what their experiences is like with Interactive brokers trading options. Do u trade the US market? If so do have to stay up all night or can u get away with after hours trading? Do you trade the Aussie options market? If so, how so they compare with the US market? What...
  15. N

    Option trading strategies for full time day worker

    Hi I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has a full time day job and also gets time to trade options regularly. I know quite a bit about option trading, I just am not able to sit at a computer during the day because of my day time IT job :banghead: What would you guys...
  16. C

    Where to start trading US options?

    Hi, Newbie to the forum and fairly new to options - I have been reading and studying options trading for the last 10 years and am finally ready to begin trading - I want to trade US options and i have found that to be difficult from Aus, in terms of finding a broker I used to spend...
  17. K

    Options trading return estimation

    Hi, I have $20,000 and risking 40% doing mechanical trade. I only trade options on thinkorswim. I am building short portfolio. I am just wondering how much return i should expect every year?
  18. M

    Straddles with weekly options

    Does anybody do straddles with weekly Options ? - Total cost is less than a monthly but it also means lot less time for the underlying to move in one direction - What indicator one can use to back test and see the trading range of the underlying to see if it moves sufficiently in a week?
  19. V

    Quick Intro from a Premium Seller

    Hi guys, Quick intro before i jump right in... been an option trader on and off for about 15 years. Those of us who remember the optionetics courses from years ago will be able to pick my vintage. I trade Strangles, Iron Flys, rarely debit spreads and butterflys. I find selling premium more...
  20. O

    Trainee prop trading options, prep, credibility in Australia - Outsider Research

    I am starting this thread to put my outsider research on the prop firms in Australia.My main focus is on trainee options and credibility. I found that when looking at this path that information is fragmented in all different places, there is different opinions, self interest and sometimes...