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  1. M

    Option gurus

    Ever heard of these 'Gurus'? I spent an hour or so on th 'Net' looking at some Option questions and came across 3 Options teachers that make big claims - John Carter of Simpler Options Ryan Jones of Quantum Charts Doc Sevenson of Options MD Has anybody had any first-hand dealings with...
  2. grubram

    $6000.00 options course for free

    just testing the water to see how much interest there is in a options course currently available in Australia and let you judge whether it is worth the outlay. We will run through the complete process from start to finish eg finding trades volatility requirements assessing trades...
  3. J

    Options21 Course - Anyone done it?

    Hello, attended their free market briefing a few days ago and wondering if anyones done any of their course. from what i gather from their website (i won't post it, if you want to see it it's easy to find): Good: -not much hyping -didnt try to directly sell anything, although he did...
  4. C

    Traders Circle - Options Trading Course

    Hi, I recently attended a free seminar for Traders Circle and it sounds interesting. I already have a portfolio of shares and wish to trade options as well however I have very little knowledge in the area. Has anyone completed this course and found it useful? Or was it a waste of money...
  5. S

    Jules Dawson options course

    Hi all Has anyone here heard or done Jules Dawson options course or home study. Have viewed a promo and he seems to explain things in an understandable format. Any feedback would be appreciated Cheers SG