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  1. Dominover

    Options brokers Australia & option Greeks?

    Does anyone trade Australian Options through an Australian broker? Do these brokers provide Option Greeks as part of their data package? Thanks
  2. H

    Trading US options, need a reasonably priced broker/platform

    I have an account with Commsec, extremely expensive ! Can anyone suggest a cheaper alternative for trading options in the US ? I am a small trader buying calls and puts (not very sophisticated) my account is $5000 to $10000 Thank you !
  3. N

    Options broker with recommendations?

    Does anyone know of a Broker that supplies a regular list of Options Spread suggestions on ASX options? Say twice a week average.Preferably a Broker that has a personal interest in Options Trading on the ASX himself.
  4. A

    Best broker for options/futures MM

    Hello, Since my previous thread was deleted for some reason :), here's the question - what's the best broker for professional company for trading options/futures as MM? Your answers will be greatly appreciated