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  1. basilio

    Economic opportunity or price gouging?

    Its no surprise to realise that in desperate times there is always an opportunity to squeeze the pips. Be interested to hear peoples thoughts on this companies prices for masks ect.
  2. tech/a

    Opportunity -- Property -- After 20 yrs its here again

    I never thought Id see it again in my life time on the domestic front. 20 years ago You could buy property --rent it--and have surplus. In Adelaide you can do it again very easily. Lowest rates ever---Distressed sales---if your in the position to take advantage. Very well priced 2-3rd home...
  3. L

    How and what should I start investing in at 18?

    Hi all. I am looking to start my investment adventure. Over the next 5-7 years I aim to start a holding company with a dream of going global. I desire to be an influential figure in society and develop my knowledge of business. For the next year or two, my goal is to buy a car and a house...
  4. P

    Oil Opportunities?

    So oil is still at a relative 10 year low thanks to the fracking supply glut. And it just made me think... there's some good opportunities to be had in the current market. According to Joseph Schumpeter, businesses go in these sorts of cycles. A market grows and booms, and in that boom...
  5. tech/a

    How are you going to spot bargains? Opportunity isn't far away - how will you know?

    So Far on this forum the best advice Ive seen (which is pretty terrible) is keep buying as the knife falls. Broadway made a very astute observation before the market turned (In the XJO thread) and I'll be very supprised if the majority of stocks smashed right now dont display a very common...
  6. Sean K

    Great opportunity coming up

    Perhaps a once in a life time opportunity to catch the bottom of this bear market coming up imo. If this break lower follows through, I think we're headed to around 27-2800, and at that point I will be directing all cash into the market, and then topping up on weakness with the banks money...
  7. P

    Unique investment opportunity

    Heres the link to a fantastic opportunity :).
  8. Smurf1976

    Drought - profit/loss opportunities

    With the incredibly low rainfall in much of Australia this Winter and official predictions that we are at the beginning of an El Niño cycle (which typically leads to drought) I thought I would start a thread on the financial and market impacts of a continuation or worsening of the drought. I...
  9. money tree

    AUD/JPY - opportunity plus!

    INFLATION: The first inflationary factor is wage increases. If wages rise, inflation is likely to be right behind. The second is producer prices. This is the wholesale price. If these prices rise, then consumer inflation is most likely right behind. Finally, if consumer price rises are...
  10. brerwallabi

    Big buy opportunities 18/04/05

    When the market opens tomorrow its likely to go the way of the US, occassionally it defies big brother, but somehow I think not this time, well i'm glad i took a week of work because there will certainly be some bargins around come tomorrow afternoon and later this week. My strategy this week is...