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  1. Stock Jock

    [REQ] William D. Gann Online Courses

    Does anyone know if there are online educational training or webinars for the Gann Trading Method? I've heard that David E. Bowden is an expert on Gann, but I can't find anything on whether he has online courses or not. I've been searching the web for any Gann training and can't find anything...
  2. jjbinks

    Stanford Uni free online finance course Has anyone done this or doing this? I'm currently signed up. Looks promising for beginners. I've only had time the watch a few lectures so far though.
  3. Z

    Free Online Courses (YT)

    May have been mentioned before *sorry if its a dupe* But Yale offer some really great online (past) courses Here's one of the more technical ones. and not for everybody.... I'd recommend Robert Shiller's course... very informative...