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  1. B

    Day trading while living in the USA

    Hi guys, I searched the forum and could not find anything related to the question I have and possibly other people might have as well. I was hoping someone with more information could shed some light on the subject. I am currently in the USA on a working visa (E3) on a marketing position...
  2. J

    Australian online brokers

    Hi All I am new here at ASF and have been enjoying reading chatter which appears to be generally very informative and participants genially helpful. My strategy is to accumulate quality Australian stocks and Australian ETFs with medium to long term view and if possible write covered calls...
  3. T

    Full service advisor versus online brokers

    Hi all, Part of my studying stocks, I came cross either full service advisor( with more cost) or cheap online/ phone brokers. As bigenner I think I will need bit mentorship and adv to start with. I m wondering what is your opinion about that ? Do u think it is waists of money and keep...
  4. B

    How safe are online brokers?

    Hi, I have just been hearing stuff about people losing money in accounts they had with MF global and I understand they dealt in derivatives, but I was just wondering what happens if an online broker like CommSec was to go under. Would I still be the owner of any shares that I buy through an...
  5. ivanyo

    Cheap Brokers?

    Hey guys, I was wondering which companies are respectable and provide a good service with decent prices. Commsec atm is making me broke because of my day-trading. HINT - to the new guys, do not day trade with commsec because brokerage will own you!