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  1. Bill M

    Looking for a casual online broker for wife

    Hi, I am looking for a broker that allows me to trade FPO stocks on the ASX on behalf of my wife legally. No options, no reports, just a basic Australian CHESS sponsored broker. Anyone but NOT COMMSEC. Only going to do 4 trades a year maybe so don't need anyone fancy. Who do you use that has...
  2. J

    Fee to deposit cash into my online broking account

    Hi there. I'm just getting started and tonight I set up an online trading account with CMC. Their fees on trades seem reasonable but then when I looked at the "How do I fund my account" section, looks like I got to pay 0.6% of the deposit amount to deposit cash into my CMC account...
  3. Redbeard

    FYI List of Online Brokers

    Is this a complete list of Online brokers ANZ Share Investing Bell Direct CMC Markets Stockbroking CommSec IG Interactive Brokers Macquarie Online Trading nabtrade Saxo Capital Markets Schwab Australia (optionsXpress) St.George Directshares Westpac Online Investing ??
  4. B

    Day trading while living in the USA

    Hi guys, I searched the forum and could not find anything related to the question I have and possibly other people might have as well. I was hoping someone with more information could shed some light on the subject. I am currently in the USA on a working visa (E3) on a marketing position...
  5. W

    Online broker for US and ASX

    Looking for a platform to invest in Australian and Us stocks. Been doing some research and Interactive Brokers seems well reviewed. Any others I should consider?
  6. R

    Best online broker to buy penny stocks in Australia?

    ok so i have heard about all the risks involve though i am really wanting to do this. I have time to invest into it and watch them though i cant find an online broker that lets you buy/sell penny stocks in australia. Please help thanks also i would rather not a large amount spent on each...
  7. D

    Recommend your online broker

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and have a question for you all: I'm living in NZ but actively invest on the ASX through ASB Securities, but as I'm sure you all know - ASB isn't exactly cheap (AU$30 per trade!). I've been looking at E*Trade, Commsec, OpenMarkets and some others. Are any of...
  8. M

    Choose an online trading broker

    Hi, I am a beginner. I'm going to do the first step, to choose a broker. There are three options I collected. 1. interactive 2. plus500 3. ufxmarkets I'd like to choose plus500, looks like its an Aussie firm, and it seems to support Bitcoin trading, and I downloaded their software, looks...
  9. F

    Which online broker to use for a beginner investing long term?

    First time doing this. I'm looking for a cheap online broker where I can have like 4-5 different company stocks and just leave them for years and add more yearly. I want to buy blue chips. I was thinking of starting with $1000, I have more but not confident enough to play with the big boys yet...
  10. A

    Best online broker for me?

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum but I do have some experience in online trading. Previously I use my dad's online broker but the transaction cost is too high for me. It is fine for my dad as he trades in big amounts. I am still new to the Australian market so I'll probably start out easy...
  11. W

    Online broker for DAX?

    Can anyone recommend an online broker to trade in the German stock exchange? Thanks
  12. A

    Best Online Broker?!

    Hi everyone, Who do you think is the best online broker in terms of the following (first 4 an absolute must). I am looking for a highly user-friendly platform: Fast Efficient Reliable (does not crash) Usable Must be able to trade short on as many shares as possible. CFD facility a...
  13. noident

    Choosing an online broker

    Greetings! I know the topic of choosing a broker has been brought up multiple times and I have browsed through all the posts I could find. They did contain answers to some questions I have but not all the questions. I would appreciate any answers/suggestions and hope that this thread may be...
  14. F

    Looking for an online broker

    My first posting after monitor the board for a while. Need your advise on how best to take control of some shares I have invested in our SMSF. Firstly the reason for the post is I am pissed off with my stock broker here in Adelaide. Over the the last 18 months he has managed to turn $50K into...