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  1. Tisme

    Arrium - Onesteel

    I fear when history looks back on timelines, the current govt will be labelled as one that oversaw the establishment of an industrial wasteland. Of course the Libs will blame union wages and the need for a big stick union busting commission ... the classic Pontious Pilate response to anything...
  2. M

    Time In The Market

    I was reflecting on the commodity boom Australia has experienced over the decades and wanted to express this performance in terms of an increase in value of buying a share in the resource sector. Of course, this is all with the benefit of hindsight, and probably unlikely to re-occur in the...
  3. DTM

    OST - OneSteel Limited

    Hi all Have bought OST options as I think its bottomed out and is starting to head up. News have affected the speed of the rise but I think that it was going to head up anyway. Any comments? :bong: