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oil price

  1. S

    Crude Oil price

    I am starting to keep an eye on the pricing for a trade. late last year, I read that all the Funds were rushing in to buy. As life got busy I never followed and now that I look again, it is at $70. I was wondering if there were any traders out there that would have some thoughts to share. Cheers
  2. G

    Newbie question: How to take advantage of low oil price?

    Dear all, I am a newbie to shares and commodities investing, and would like to ask how to take advantage of the currently very low oil prices? Any advice would be greatly appreciated ... thanks in advance!
  3. SirRumpole

    Oil price and share market behaviour

    Can someone explain why the share market has slumped in response to lower oil prices ? Apart from a few oil companies, I would have thought that everyone else would be delighted.
  4. M

    Best instrument to take advantage of oil price in SMSF

    Hi Everyone, Just curious as to what the best instrument within an SMSF would be to take advantage of low oil prices with the view that they will return to the $80 mark long term? Any thoughts?
  5. J

    Oil Spike

    Hi all, Just wanted to raise the current spike in the price of oil as a potential trade that everyone should be either on or looking seriously at. Obviously most, if not all, of you would be aware of the current situation in the middle east and the disruptions, both realised and potential...
  6. N

    Oil price and shares

    Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to explain how the oil price affects some shares. I own Caltex, which is quite a good share, but it fluctuates quite a bit and I am never quite sure if its to do with the oil price or other factors ie. profit taking or US news. Another stock Woodside...
  7. B

    Aussie inflation and the price of oil in US dollars

    Hi, Can someone help me connect some dots? Aussie inflation will not stop going up until the world prices oil in a more stable currency other than the US dollar (Euro or Sterling?) If transport costs (petrol) are causing food inflation and it appears that the price of oil is going to...
  8. wayneL

    Oil price discussion and analysis

    Oil seems to have gone off everybodies radar for the moment as the price has eased off. But the long term problems have not gone away as this article points out. Cheers
  9. wayneL

    Oil/gas price discussion

    For those of you who have investments in the energy sector, I thought I would start a thread on Crude Oil and other Energy Commodities (natural gas, heating oil and gasoline) for discussion. Just to kick it off: August Crude has generated a sell signal (short term swing) If this proves to be...