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  1. Cam019


    Here is an interesting one - NZD/CHF. 4 retests of the 0.62000 level with price unable to hold it. The last two retests have formed interesting structure - two lower highs and two lower lows in a tighter range under a key psychological area of resistance.
  2. T

    Why is IG Markets AUD/NZD spread 19.2?

    Woke up today to see my AUD/NZD IG Markets spread at 19.2. Is this normal
  3. P

    GBP/NZD Analysis

    GBP/NZD was in a strong and consistent uptrend during the recent days that buyers were successful in obtaining the highest price of 1.96327. price with reaching to the Down Trendline which is shown in the picture below ( made of 2 Top prices) and the important Resistance level(Support to...
  4. P

    EUR/NZD Analysis

    EUR/NZD in recent weeks has been in a strong and consistent trend in the price movements which Sellers have been successful in reaching to the lowest price of 1.57654. Currently the mentioned price level is fixed as a bottom price, and it is the most important Support level in front of the...
  5. C


    Dear Forex Traders, I just need some technical/fundamental advice on the current state of AUDNZD... Do you see it hitting 1.30 anytime soon? What's your thoughts... I range trade currently and did a stupid 1.0 trade impulsively and now very nervous! Account Balance: $27k + $10k being...
  6. Kauri


    Travelling almost identically to the skippy but may have more movement potential after the FOMC. Cheers ..........Kauri