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    How to trade in NYSE as Australian citizen

    Hey all, I'm aiming to trade and write options in the NYSE using an online broker. But, I'm an Australian citizen and living here. When I have been to dozens of online brokerage websites all of the sites that trade in NYSE only requires US citizens to sign up. When I look at many...
  2. Naked shorts


    Check out the roof ;)
  3. W

    Short Selling - NYSE Stock

    Is this article referring that I couldn't short sell the following stocks. Can I still do it using CFD's ? Currently I am trying on a demo software by CMC Markets and seems like it is allowing me to short citigroup.
  4. B

    Broker for NYSE

    Can anyone recommend a suitable broker in which to trade stocks on the NYSE? I mainly plan to use it for margin lending but every time I search google no matter what I type it keeps giving me links to Australian brokers. The only one I have come across that seems ok so far is e-trade. What...
  5. bigdog

    NYSE Dow Jones finished today at:

    The NYSE and NYSE Arca are Closed on Monday, January 15 for Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  6. Y

    SAI - SAIC Inc (NYSE)

    :) Warning: ..... astrostuff ahead ..... US stock ... ipo ... Hi folks, SAI ..... was strongly supported on today's listing of this IPO, but looking ahead the party may well be short-lived, with some some negative aspects kicking in, later this month: 23-24102006 ..... 3...
  7. C

    C - Citigroup Inc (NYSE)

    I am wondering whether anyone is bullish on this stock? How are they going in Japan? A few months ago I remember reading that their private banking arm in Japan were forced to close down after they were found not to be following regulations.