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  1. Knobby22

    NSW 2019 election

    Well done to Gladys and the NSW Libs. Deserved win. They have been proper Liberals and run the state well as Conservative parties should. Good diversity in Parliament, no right wing hate speech, no idiot Libertarians, wise spending of money on the people while running a surplus and finally no...
  2. Smurf1976

    Road trip - Vic/SA/NSW

    Planning to do a road trip starting and ending in Melbourne (coming from Tas on the ferry). Looking for some thoughts on where to go and what to do and see along the way. All suggestions welcome. Starting and ending in Melbourne is a must. No interest in spending time in Sydney or...
  3. S

    Gloucester NSW

    Hi. We are seriously thinking of moving to Gloucester NSW from Sydney. Anyone living in Gloucester NSW? Whats it like to bring up a young family? Any hints on getting jobs? Any areas not so good to buy. Any info or experiences would be great. :)
  4. Garpal Gumnut

    NSW DPP needs to Appeal Moylan Sentence in WHC Fraud

    Many Australian investors and Super Funds lost millions when the professional agitator Moylan, manipulated the share trading of WHC. He escapes with a pat on the back from a complacent judiciary. NSW appears not to value a strong and safe investment climate. gg
  5. 2ku11yf0x

    Traders in Northern NSW?

    Im Dave, New here.. Been trading for a couple of years.. my only form of communication with other traders has been via Forums etc. If there are any traders in northern NSW that are keen for a meet and greet, maybe we should organise something. Hit me up on Windows live messenger -...
  6. sydboy007

    Property developers and political donations - NSW Libs cash grab?

    Got to love Barry O'Farrell. Politically strapped for cash, and now considering allowing donations from property developers again. With the angst caused by union funds going to the ALP, will be interesting to see how the ASF right feel about this. Oh, and it was the teaming up of the ALP...
  7. MrBurns

    NSW fires January 2013 How nice, let them out even though their action could have kiiled people. A month inside woud have been in order for starters.
  8. R

    Finally good news - Retired premiers' entitlements stripped - NSW

    Lifetime entitlements for long serving New South Wales Premiers will be scrapped by the current Premier Barry O'Farrell. Up until now, Premiers who served for five years or more were allowed a lifetime of free airfares, drivers and staff. Now, they'll only be entitled to these privileges...
  9. Garpal Gumnut

    NSW Liberal Government

    Now that the poll is over let us hope that the Liberals are less criminal in their activities than the ALP were. gg