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  1. jbocker

    AFL NRL etc 2020

    OK Crown are allowed to operate under distancing rules. So why not have the same for sporting grandstands Every 2nd or 3rd seat active and every second row vacant. Hot Dogs and drinks only available by roaming sellers up and down vacant aisles. Shops closed. Staggered entry. Will allow clubs...
  2. Garpal Gumnut

    NRL Conspiracy against North Queensland Cowboys

    There is a clear conspiracy against North Queensland. This has been evidenced, as noted by Johnathon Thurston, in the Shark's 7th Tackle win against the Cowboys. North Queensland is continually discriminated against by Brisbane and the southern "rust bucket states". Envy of our...
  3. BrightGreenGlow

    The game of Rugby League NRL

    Who thinks the a referees' decisions often impact game results depending on interpretation of the rule book?
  4. T

    NRL - Newland Resources

    NRL Has anyone looked at NRL ? This seems to be one 'moody' stock..up one month..down the next ? PMA the same...both heading north now though.. Next week may be interesting for these two.