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  1. Philo Beddoe

    Novice With Large Sum Of Cash

    Say I have a sum of cash (around 400k) sitting in a term deposit that is about to mature at only 3.25% Could anyone recommend some alternative options I could look at that would give me better returns? It would need to be uncomplicated because I am a COMPLETE novice. I don't want to buy...
  2. L

    Euro soft - trading strong on recent news?

    IFR Markets Analyst Adam Parry paints an excellent picture on the present trading psyche: The most likely scenario is that Moody's junks Spain. That would start to see the Spanish bonds being pulled from sovereign benchmark indices, leading to some forced fund liquidation of paper. That will...
  3. J

    Amibroker help

    Hi all, Im 25, have some money put away for share trading, have about 5K so far, but working on that every month.. I have a copy of Amibroker (registered) and have been playing with it tonight, I have imported the ASX codes into the database (from a script I found on this site).. But how do...