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non resident

  1. B

    Non-resident trying to invest in Australian Company

    Hi Im currently based in Europe and wondering what is the best way to purchase shares in an Australian company. It only the one trade so not looking to go with an accounts that charges annually and charges commissions. I have tried various online australian brokers. However they all...
  2. M

    How to sell shares as a non-resident?

    Hi, I obtained a number of Aussie shares some time ago while an Australian resident. I'm now living in Norway as a non-resident and would like to sell these shares but am not sure how to go about it. For a one-off trade am I better off using an actual broker or some type of electronic...
  3. So_Cynical

    Why do non-residents pay significantly more tax than residents?

    I've been looking into over seas retirement and was rather shocked to find out that Non-residents don't get the tax free threshold and are taxed at 29 cents in the dollar for all Aussie income under 35K. :eek: that's almost twice the normal rate! Seems a little bizarre since a Non-resident...