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  1. W

    Brokers I can use together with Ninjatrader for Futures with good Margin

    Hello Ozzie Traders, Which brokers can I use that would offer me connectivity and chart trading using Ninjatrader that would allow me good intraday margin if I live in Australia? IB (interactive brokers) does not offer any margin accounts for individual traders, and also their intraday margins...
  2. W

    Trading from Sydney through Ninjatrader with FXCM (New York), latency over 340ms

    Dear Traders and Investors, Has anyone here any experience with internet providers in Sydney, Australia that have the lowest latency vs FXCM or any servers in New York? I am trading using Ninjatrader vs my FXCM server in New York (Australian account), and I am experiencing very high...
  3. M

    Australian trading platforms and brokers vs. Ninjatrader

    I currently use Commsec to trade on the ASX and am looking for a more advanced trading platform with advanced charting capabilities with live data to set price targets, stops etc on charts to send active email alerts on multiple stocks. Can anyone recommend the best trading platform / broker /...
  4. R

    NinjaTrader 7

    Hello, How can I set up NT7 to download Yahoo data? I am Canadian and want to be able to use this software to trade Canadian stocks on the Toronto Exchange. My computer skills are not very good to put it mildly so I would appreciate any help you can give me to set up the software to download...
  5. M

    Using NinjaTrader through FXCM

    Hi just wanting to know if anyone has any experience using ninja trader through fxcm, would like to know how u are finding it to use and trade with? Cheers
  6. P

    Spot FX broker with NinjaTrader

    Hi All, I am new to the Forum and currently investigating my brokerage options re trading spot FX on Ninjatrader. I guess I am not the only one in Australia who wants to trade spot forex with NT so I wonder whether anyone who has been through this would be able to provide some info/views. I...
  7. Trembling Hand

    NinjaTrader 8

    For long suffering Ninja Trader users version 8 has just been released as an open Beta if you want to have a play. Boy am I hopeful it will be a case of this :xyxthumbs........ rather than the usual this, :nosympath:pc::horse::goodnight
  8. darkhorse70

    Session template for ETH and RTH on NT

    Just wondering if any one can tell me how I can plot the O/H/L/C of the RTH and the H/L of the ETH on a ETH session template. I read on the NT forum that I could possibly divide the sessions into two and then the indicator could plot them seperately. ATM i can plot it on an ETH session but it...
  9. darkhorse70

    How to download years worth of data onto NT?

    Just wondering how do I view say for example the emini sp500 daily for the last 5 years on NT? Also im subscribed to IB's futures live data. If I connect that to NT, does that automatically by pass the manual downloading of each day for market replay? tHANKS
  10. darkhorse70

    Replay data NinjaTrader

    So i connected NJ with IB, however im trying to use the replay data for the futures market. However every time I go to utilities/download replay data, when i press OK it says no level 1 replay data for instrument date. How can i fix this error? Thanks in advance
  11. S

    NinjaTrader vs. AmiBroker

    Hi Traders, I already have NT (NT direct, a free version, is included with my AMP futures account). I haven't had success in having it scan ASX stocks for criteria, though. I'm suspicious of Yahoo EOD data. I'm considering Amibroker instead. Should I pay up for Amibroker (and then a...
  12. L


    Has anyone looked at or tried the NinjaTrader /Continuum brokerage combination live? It appears that Continuum may actually be being provided via CQG (or the data feed is). Cheers
  13. R

    NinjaTrader is becoming a Futures Broker!

    So NinjaTrader has taken over Mirus Futures.... I personally have never used Mirus, but from what I hear they seem to have a very good reputation. Brokerage fees don't look to bad either...
  14. CanOz

    NinjaTrader FAQ

    I'm struggling to get my continuous contract for the TW to load merged & back adjusted. It will load 365 days worth of data, but the rollover is still there....I've changed the settings under options/data, and then in the instrument setting itself, used the continuous contract TW ##-## and it...
  15. Nortorious

    TradeStation versus NinjaTrader

    Hi All, I'm hoping some of the experienced campaigners can provide some input into the best trading platform. I am only looking at two vendors, TradeStation and NinjaTrader as I will be purchasing a couple of plugins that will assist with market analysis (based on my preferred method) and...
  16. C

    Ninja/CQG/AMP with the SPI

    Hi, I've just started day trading the SPI using Ninjatrader, CQG for data and AMP Futures [Chicago] as the broker. I'm using the ATM feature in Ninja, and manually trail my stops using the chart trader as the price moves. When my stop was hit I got the error - Rejected: New - Invalid...
  17. Steve C

    NinjaTrader - Free EOD Data Question

    Hi All, I have downloaded NinjaTrader after seeing it recommended here many times (and because it is free!) One question I have is with the Free EOD Data (Using Yahoo at the moment). I have noticed that the EOD data only becomes available in the program at 12:00PM the following day. For...
  18. J

    Free ASX Stock Feed in AUD for Ninjatrader?

    I'm new to trading, but I'm comfortable with using software. I downloaded Ninjatrader and find it an easy to use tool for charting. Where can I find a FREE ASX feed in AUD currency? It is easy to connect to US sites like Yahoo! but it is useless for me here as it is expensive to trade US...
  19. S

    NinjaTrader 7 - Guppy Count Back Line

    Hi all, Has anyone out there managed to code DG's count back line in NT 7? I seem to be :banghead: Best regards, Swimmy.
  20. T

    ASX data for NinjaTrader

    Can anyone give me a lead as to where I can get live data for ASX stocks for NinjaTrader. I can get EOD from Yahoo but need live data. :banghead: