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  1. Userman

    NAN - North American Nickel Inc. (TSX-V)

    Hi I'm new AussieStocksForums. fyi, Here's a company that's in the middle of their 3rd drilling campaign. The chart is strong as some believe the project may be another Voiseys Bay, Raglan, or Sirius. I bought in at the $0.30 range and will hold for 2014 assays. Good luck ...
  2. exgeo

    POS - Poseidon Nickel

    The company name was changed on July 6th 2007 from Niagara Mining NIA to Poseidon, POS. Please refer to the NIA thread for historical information about the company. The company has 152m ordinary shares, and 16m partly-paid shares and options of various dates. Undiluted market cap is A$150m at...
  3. B

    Nickel is back!

    Prices already dropped to about $32,000 per metric ton recently from a peak of around $54,000 per metric ton in May, according to LME data. Nickel is getting to look like a bargain now. The metal has lost all its gains for 2007 and has retreated to November 2006 levels. Nickel bulls...
  4. P

    Nickel boom and new nickel discovery

    Nickel prices are booming over the last 2 weeks..can anyone give a comment on this..also apparently this joint venture between Halcyon and Minara has the potential to be the largest single nickel discovery outside Kambalda..
  5. Ann

    Nickel stocks

    This thread about Nickel is dedicated to Chicken from Aussiestocks forum. These are companies which list Nickel as a company interest. Details as at 6th Jan 2006 MBN - MIRABELA NICKEL LIMITED Shares Issued 29,300,000 Market Capitalisation 21,975,000 NKL -...
  6. RichKid

    Nickel - Bullish technically and fundamentally

    Anyone exposed to Nickel, either through futures, stocks or otherwise? I'm trying to gain leverage to what appears to be the start of a strong run this year . Will post more on the fundamentals later but here's a chart for the TA people. Not sure what the contract types are but this one is for...