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  1. J

    Newbie + newsletter services + suitable vehicle for my super

    G'day im 49 years old and have a fair bit of money tied up in Australian shares via BT Super Wrap. I make the buy/sell decisions and don't have an advisor... I did and he was hopeless. My risk profile is a little above middle of the road and my aim is maximize the value of the fund over the next...
  2. S

    Keeping track of recommendations

    Hi, first time poster, many more to come, hoping to get some ideas on how you control and monitor all the recommendations that come your way thru newsletters e.g. Fool, AFR etc etc. Is there an ideal spreadsheet out there. Does anyone track and record daily changes to TA indicators if so how? I...
  3. S

    Stock Reports/Newsletters

    I searched but couldn't find an answer - short version: do you/have you used/can you recommended or not recommend a trading report like: Eureka Wise-owl Huntleys Fat Proophets etc. Long version: I'm looking to spend a few hours a week (read 2-3 hours every Friday) looking at market...
  4. S

    Alan Hull - Books, Newsletters and Strategies - Do they work?

    Hi All I got into share trading around May 2011. A mate learnt me Alan Hull's book "Active Investing" which was good to get me into the mind set of being a share trader and to learn the basics around charting and fundamental analysis. I then started using his actvest news letter and have...
  5. D

    Good forex analysis - where to go?

    Hi I am mainly a stocks and futures trader, but as I trade on US exchanges, I inevitably end up with USD exposure. I'd like to start putting in currency hedges as the AUD/USD just keeps going up and up. My basic idea is that I will offset my USD currency holdings with long AUD positions using...
  6. mattzigs

    Elliott Wave International (EWI) newsletters

    Hi all, I am interested to hear from anyone who has subscribed to Elliott Wave International newsletters. In particular if their forecasts are useful as part of an investment strategy (that is to say generally close with timing and direction) or whether the successful forecasts marketed on...
  7. A

    Which investment newsletter is good?

    Hi there, I was looking at couple of investment newsletter to assist with my investment decision. I have tried trial with Huntley and Fat Prophet to see how their advice pan out from the beginning of 2007 to now. Seems like none has passed the 'bear market' test. Most of their recommendation...